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Sinochem Group's corporate culture system is reflected at three levels: ideology, behavior and communication



Ideology, reaching to the core and soul of corporate culture, is embodied by values, vision, mission and overall goal

Our Values: In Science We Trust

(Values, as the essential element of our corporate culture, are a set of guidelines and standards on how the company should run. )

  • Truth: we should remain true to our original aspiration, keep our mission firmly in mind, pursue lofty ideals, develop firm and common beliefs, guiding practices through scientific truth. 
  • Facts: we should hold respect for facts rather than authority or dogma, applying scientific spirit to exploring the future. 
  • Innovation: we should break through tradition and embrace changes, transform and update our company through reform and innovation, guiding development with scientific concepts.
  • Progress: we should make progress with times and create value, benefit our society by innovation, changing the world with science and technology.


Our Vision: To become an industry leader and a respectable company

(Vision represents what we are striving for and describes what we want to accomplish in the future.)

  • As an industry leader, we set industry benchmarks in technological level, product mix, business model, management system, etc., building strong market competitiveness, industry leadership and social influence, continuously leading changes to upgrade the industry and promote social progress.
  • As a respectable company, we not only create new materials, new technologies, new environments, new life and new companies to increase our own value, but also contribute to economic growth and social development by fulfilling our social responsibility as a corporate citizen, and win recognition and respect from our society.


Our mission: to innovate and grow, to pursue excellent management, and to provide first-class products and services; to deliver the highest value for our customers, shareholders and employees; to promote the sustainable development of our society.

(Mission declares our economic, political and social responsibilities and defines who we are.)

  • To innovate and grow: to create “Sinochem’s Innovation Triangle” that defines the subject, method and culture of innovation, and make innovation become a company-wide way of thinking, working methods and way of life.
  • To pursue excellent management: to build an organizational structure and management system that encourages innovation, facilitates strategy implementation and creates more value.
  • To provide first-class products and services: to leverage leading technologies to provide first-class products and services in the fields of new materials, new energy, biology, environmental protection, etc., meeting people's aspiration for a better life.
  • To deliver the highest value for our customers, shareholders and employees: to build trust with our customers upon honesty and win-win benefits, with our shareholders upon good business performance and growth, with our employees by empowering them to grow together with our company, so as to maximize the value for our customers, shareholders and employees.
  • To promote the sustainable development of our society: to become an industry model in conserving resources and protecting environment, developing our company in a way that is compatible with social and environmental progress.


Our overall goal: to become an innovative enterprise driven by science and technology

(Overall goal steers our company's transformation and serves as a guideline for our strategic development.)

  • Our goal is become a world-class innovative enterprise primarily driven by science and technology. We need to establish a market-oriented system based on our state-owned enterprise attribute, build a commercial ecosystem that is conducive to innovation and creation, and generate a number of high-tech unicorn companies with strong innovation capability and sustainable growth.



Employee code of conduct embodies our commitment to some basic principles and values regarding how to behave and get things done, which is consistent with our core values.

(Employee code of conduct and managerial leadership model crystalize our corporate culture into an action guide for staff at all levels.)

  • Integrity: Behave honestly and with loyalty, Comply with all applicable laws and regulations, Live up to your promises and be consistent in your words and deeds, Be brave to tell the truth and stay true.
  • Professionalism: Hold trust in science and respect for law, Be professional and pursue excellence, Save cost and enhance efficiency, Stay alert to potential risks and value safety.
  • Innovation: Be dare to be the first and blaze new trails, Break up your routines and embrace changes, Stay hungry and keep improving, Encourage success and tolerate failure.
  • Teamwork: Develop big-picture thinking and integrate into your team, Practise open communication and be inclusive, Take accountability and initiative, Treat others with respect and courtesy on a win-win basis.

The managerial leadership model is an application-oriented tool for comprehensively measuring managers’ overall competence while practicing corporate culture. It is an important reference standard for cultivating, selecting and using cadres. We expect our managers to:

  • Have firm beliefs, responsibility and entrepreneurial passion,
  • Be loyal to our organization, face up to adversity and embrace innovation,
  • Develop strategic vision that is market-oriented and resource-based.



Eight communication channels, including publicity and promotion, VI, etc., serve as various carriers to communicate our corporate culture. 

  • Media Publicity: We utilize both traditional and new media tools such as internal magazines, WeChat and official website to communicate information and culture to people both inside and outside of our company in a lively and vivid manner, building a core platform to communicate our corporate culture.
  • Brand Communication: We take “In Science We Trust” as the essence of new round of brand building and communication. By defining our brand connotation, upgrading brand image and engaging in brand communication, we shape Sinochem’s new public image as an innovative company driven by science and technology. 
  • Corporate Anthem: We compose and produce an anthem based on our corporate culture to reflect our ideology and staff life. It is easy to sing and become an auditory carrier of our corporate culture.
  • Behavior Evaluation: We adjust indicators for employee performance scorecard and manager evaluation model with corporate culture at its core, evaluating and guiding the behavior of employees and managers.
  • Internal Training: We develop courses and training programs to communicate corporate culture in a general way with special emphasis, to make it become widely recognized and complied by employees at all levels.
  • Award Evaluation: We take it as a significant evaluation criterion for issuing awards to employees with outstanding performance in practicing corporate culture. The awards, physical or non-physical, send clear and positive signals to employees to comply with corporate culture.
  • Conferences & Activities: We employ elements of corporate culture in organizing large conferences, sports and recreational activities to bring a sense of ceremony and participation, adding more fun and team spirit.
  • Social Responsibility: We fulfill our social responsibility by offering pairing assistance, relieving poverty, conducting safe production, protecting environment, practicing charity, etc. We also communicate our corporate culture through returning to society.